Sustanon 250

Sustanon 250 is a pharmacological androgenic drug, which is a mixture of different testosterone esters and is an effective therapeutic agent indicated for patients with insufficient secretion of their own testosterone.

General information

The medicine is registered in Ireland, and it is produced by the German company EVER Pharma Jena . The release form of the drug is a transparent light yellow oily solution for intramuscular injections. Supplied in glass ampoules with clamps in cardboard boxes.

The product contains decanoate, isocapronate, phenylpropionate and testosterone propionate . Ethyl alcohol and peanut oil are used as auxiliary components.

Initially, the drug was prescribed to people whose body did not produce the proper amount of the male hormone, but today it has begun to be actively used in sports pharmacology.

How does Sustanon 250 work?

According to the manufacturer’s statements and in accordance with the reviews of people who have already experienced the effect of Sustanon 250 on themselves, it causes the development of male genital organs, stimulates the manifestation of secondary sexual characteristics, activates spermatogenesis, and also has a positive effect on phosphorus, nitrogen and protein metabolism. The effect of taking the drug appears quickly and is observed for 3 weeks. This is due to the specifics of the composition – the solution contains 4 different testosterone esters, which differ in the duration of action and the rate of intake.

Due to the different rates of absorption, the steroid is extremely effective, it maintains high levels of testosterone in the blood for an extended period of time. So, the first absorbed and starts acting propionate, followed by – phenylpropionate , then – izokapro n am , and the last thing manifests itself dekatonat.

Dosages of the drug

The optimal dosage of the drug is considered to be 250-500 ml per day (it is selected individually depending on the characteristics of the body, the level of physical fitness and the goals set). The duration of the course is 6-8 weeks. Taking the drug is allowed only if there are no contraindications. You can enhance the effect of taking it with a special diet.

8 days after the start of the intake, it is recommended to add aromatase inhibitors to the course, the intake of which should be completed 1-2 weeks after the last ampoule of the steroid. 3 weeks after the completion of the Sustanon 250 course, it is necessary to restore the synthesis of your own testosterone. As a rule, Tamoxifen or Clomid is prescribed for this.

Cycles with Sustanon 250

For maximum effect, the drug is used in a cycle, combining it with other means, for example, with “Nandrolone” , if you need to quickly gain muscle mass, or with “Winstrol” , when you want to achieve a beautiful relief. Thanks to a reasonable and thoughtful combination of drugs, you can achieve a more operational and pronounced effect than when using these funds separately.

The effect of using Sustanon 250

The result of taking the drug will not be long in coming, and it will manifest itself in the following:

  • fast and significant gain in muscle mass. Already in the first 15 weeks of the cycle, people gain up to 10, or even more, kg of muscle mass, from which at least 6 kg remain after the cycle. The mass gained in the cycle is better than that obtained naturally.
  • Increased libido. Testosterone and estradiol levels rise, which leads to increased sex drive. In addition, during the cycle, the size of the male genital organ noticeably increases.
  • Rapid regeneration after workouts, which allows you to quickly recuperate between workouts.
  • Improving overall well-being through hormone balance.
  • Full, more rigid and larger muscles, pronounced veins.
  • Strengthening bones. Testosterone is a key hormone for bone health and bone density.
  • Better sleep, especially during your cycle. Moreover, for proper rest, the body needs much less sleep than it was before the start of taking the drug.

Sustanon 250 side effects

The drug exhibits estrogenic activity, against its background, the following negative consequences can be observed:

  • decrease in your own hormonal background;
  • increased swelling;
  • gynecomastia;
  • increased sexual arousal;
  • enlargement of the penis;
  • early cessation of bone growth.


If the duration of the course and the dosage of the drug are selected correctly, as well as in the absence of indications, Sustanon 250 copes well with its functions, increasing muscle mass, improving strength indicators and significantly increasing endurance. The vast majority of side effects usually appear due to errors in the use of the tool.